About Us

Horizons Drug Alcohol Rehabs can be described as featured in-door drug rehabilitation center that attends to the complete human being. We believe treatment plan is an individual understanding and customise a rehab routine to complement each person using the most cutting edge therapeutic courses obtainable to assure great results.

Our greatly competent medical personnel have lots of past experiences & are absolutely dedicated to facilitating every individual who crosses our limit through the alleviating process. We presume you are worthy of self-respect & goodness in the process & offer a comfortable medical detoxification, group and personal treatment, natural care, nutritional counsel & many other treatment plans created to reconnect towards the joy of residing all in our calm, family home type facility.

Drug addiction is actually a sickness that demands not just external treatment but psychological and divine as well. We feel treating one with-out the other in this trinity isn’t really curing the whole individual. This 12-step program is at basis of our medication program & we develop from there customizing it to accommodate each sufferer.

In addition we supply treatment for the people captured in between pain and addiction to pain medication as well as those affected by depressive disorders, anxiety, bulimia and anorexia. Our personal evidence-based procedures produce a distinctive recuperating experience for any person going through disorder in a compassionate & joyful conditions.